CPD Training on Compressed Air Engineering

Society of Textile Weavers arranged CPD training on the topic of Compressed Air Engineering for Textile Engineers on January 24, 2019 (Thursday 9am-5pm) in collaboration with Asian Institute of Industrial Air. Mr. Imtiaz Rastgar (Founder Of Rastgar and Co) and his team delivered the lecture as guest speaker. Participants from industry and National Textile University attended this course. The training covered the following topics.

  • Compressed air terminologies + theory
  • Compressor types
  • Selection of compressors
  • Principles of compressed air piping
  • Compressed Air measurement & techniques
  • Compressor installation and ventilation
  • Compressors operation
  • Better understanding with compressed air systems
  • Understanding of Downstream equipment (all dryer & line filters)
  • Understanding relevant ISO standards
  • Estimating demand for Compressed Air volume and pressure
  • Controls, instrumentation & cost accounting
  • The value of periodical 3rd party audits
  • Heat recovery from compressed air.

The main objective of this CPD course was to help engineers to add value in engineering process with better understating of utilization of compressed air. In the end certificates were distributed to the participants by Worthy Rector, Dr. Tanveer Hussain. Department of Weaving would like to thank Mr. Imtiaz Rastgar (Manufacturing Specialist) and his team for his efforts in delivering the course.