Society of Textile Chemists in collaboration with Society of GM arranged a workshop titled as "DIOR 2.0"

Society of Textile Chemists in collaboration with Society of Garment Manufacturers arranged a workshop titled as “DIOR 2.0” in the main hall at 27th November, 2018. This workshop consisted of three modules:

  • Communication Skills.
  • Interview cracking in textile.
  • Stress management.

As ‘Communication, the human connection is the key to personal and career success’. It is significant to have better communication skills for successful future career of a student. Madam Salma Bilal started the event with general introduction of their Team PSMI. Syeda Hifza Marij briefly discussed about communication skill, interview cracking her own life experience, leadership qualities, successful life, practical life etc with examples. Her session was very interesting including healthy and tempting activities that greatly enhanced the interest of audience. Then there was a session of stress management by Dr. Hafiz Ibnan Saleem. He told students that stress and depression are very common in people. Everybody has dark nights in their life and none is blessed with the best. ‘every dark cloud has silver lining’. The main emphasis of his session was to inculcate the spirit of ‘try, try again’. Stress ends after death. And he told some ways to overcome stress through two healthy activities. At the end, there was a shield distributing ceremony.