CEO of Monnoo Group of Industries "Mr. Bilal Mannoo" visited the National Textile University

To increase the academia-industry linkage and to discuss the diversification of yarn products for current and future textile market, CEO of Monnoo Group of Industries Mr. Bilal Mannoo visited the National Textile University on 10th May along with his team of technical and marketing managers. The team consisted of Mr. Tahir Mehmood (RD), Mr. Iftikhar Ahmed (RD) and Mr. Khalid (GM Marketing). The meeting was arranged with a team of Yarn Manufacturing Department consisting of Dr. Zulfiqar Ali (Dean, FET/HOD) Dr. Bilal Qadir (Assistant professor), Mr. Uzair Hussain (Assistant professor), and Amir Shahzad (Lecturer). The Meeting was chaired by Rector National Textile University, Prof. Dr. Tanveer Hussain. The rector NTU appreciated their visit and assured them to strengthen this industrial academia linkage for maximum utilization of resources at NTU for the benefit of industry. This joint venture is believed to contribute productively to the growth of socioeconomic development as well as mutual benefits.

The research and development facilities at NTU were introduced to the visiting team. During the discussion, it was agreed that the University would facilitate the Monnow group in the areas of product diversification, yarn branding, reverse engineering of textile products, product developments and evaluation of mechanical, comfort and performance of the products when required. After the meeting, all the members visited YMD lab and also NTRC labs, and worthy rector showed and explained about the research facilities available at NTU for the academia and industry.