Meeting of Faculty Board of Studies of Faculty of Engineering and Technology

A meeting of faculty board of studies was held on April 09, 2018 in Video Conference Room of National Textile University Faisalabad. The meeting was chaired by Dr. Zulfiqar Ali, Director Faculty of Engineering and Technology (Convener). Following members of the board participated in the meeting.

Dr. Yasir Nawab, Chairman Department of Weaving and Polymer Engineering

Dr. Hafsa Jamshaid, Chairperson Department of Knitting

Dr. Munir Ashraf, Chairman Department of Textile Processing

Dr. Abhar Rasheed, Chairman Department of Garment Manufacturing

Dr. Yasir Nawab, Chairman Department of Polymer Engineering

Dr. Sheraz Ahmad, Chairman Department of Materials and Testing

Dr. Muhammad Bilal Qadir, Assistant Professor DYM

Mr. Amir Shahzad, Lecturer, DYM,

Mr. Muhammad Shahid Shahbaz, General Manager, AA Spinning mill, as Expert of Yarn Manufacturing,

Dr. Muhammad Zubair, Assistant Professor, Department of Weaving,

Mr. Zohaib Fazal, Lecturer, Department of Weaving,

Mr. Muhammad Shakil, General Manager, Be Be Jaaan Colors Ltd. as Expert for Department of Weaving,

Mr. Jamal Akbar, Lecturer, Department of Knitting,

Mr. Adeel Tahir, General Manager (Operations), Interloop Pvt. Ltd. Lahore, as Expert for Department of Knitting,

Dr. Kashif Iqbal, Assistant Professor, Department of Textile Processing,

Hafiz Affan Abid, Lecturer, Department of Textile Processing,

Mr. Awais Waris APV(Wet Processing) Crescent Textile Mills, Faisalabad as Expert for Department of Textile Processing,

Dr. Muhammad Babar Ramzan, Assistant Professor, Department of Garment Manufacturing,

Mr. Ateeq ur Rehman, Lecturer, Department of Garment Manufacturing,

Dr. Zubair Khaliq, Lecturer, Department of Polymer Engineering,

Mr. Abdul Rehman, Lecturer, Department of Polymer Engineering,

Mr. H Nasir Nazir, Manager (Business Development), Spectrum Plastic Industry, Lahore as Expert of Polymer Engineering,

Dr. Muhammad Ali Afzal, Assistant Professor, Department of Materials and Testing,

Mr. Khurram Shehzad Akhtar, Lecturer, Department of Materials and Testing.

The following agenda items were discussed in the meeting and suggestions were recorded for improvements.

Outcome-Based Education System, University Vision and Mission Statement, Mission Statement of Textile Engineering Program, FET Scheme of Studies-2017, Course Content of Engineering Subjects and Approval of Minutes of Departmental Board of Studies.

The meeting was ended with fruitful suggestions to bring improvements in the vision and mission of NTU, courses of FET, knowledge, skills, and attitude of students