On behalf of the Pro-chancellor, Rector acts as the chief executive of the university in all the fields of academics and administration, and has the overall responsibility for the direction, organization, administration and programs of the university in accordance with the guidelines and general policies formulated by the Board of Governors, and for the implementation of the decisions and policies of the Board.

Role of universities is immensely important in creating new knowledge and inventing new technologies for the benefit of humankind as well as in equipping students with suitable knowledge, skills and behavior that not only make them excel in their occupations but also in their general life, ultimately leading to the development of a peaceful and prosperous world. The purpose of education is to help mankind in the pursuit of self-actualization, in addition to the fulfilment of physiological, social and self-esteem needs. Good education includes not only the vocational development but also the cognitive, spiritual, emotional and social development of people. 

National Textile University is one of the most rapidly rising universities in Pakistan. Our teaching philosophy at NTU is student-oriented and our focus is to develop professional competence as well as good character in our graduates. The educational objectives of our programs not only include suitable knowledge and skills components but also the inculcation of desirable behavioural attributes in the students, such as: self-motivation, initiative and drive, passion for achieving goals, creativity, flexibility and adaptability, self-confidence, dependability, trustworthiness, fairness, empathy, politeness, integrity, conscientiousness, etc. 

We offer plenty of curricular and extracurricular opportunities to enable our students to recognize and actualize their intellectual potentials and help them in acquiring key employability skills, such as effective communication, information management, critical thinking and problem solving. I am looking forward to your joining NTU to explore endless opportunities for your personal development and professional growth. I pray for your bright future and success in every walk of life.

Warm Regards,
Prof. Dr. Tanveer Hussain 

I welcome our new students to the Karachi Campus of National Textile University Faisalabad. The University alongwith its Karachi Campus has a rich tradition in developing leaders for the country's Textile & Plastics industry. Our graduates are the backbone of these industrial sectors. They are employed across the country and abroad. Besides the traditional engineering degrees in Textile and Polymer, the University also offers career path in non-traditional disciplines like Fashion Design and Textile & Apparel Merchandizing. Our programs are designed not only to enhance the creative skills but also expose the student to basic concepts from fibre to fabric. The state-of-the-art industrial scale facilities at Polymer & Textile engineering departments combined with our close industrial affiliation helps our faculty forge professional competence in our students which is unparalleled in the country. I am confident that your stay at the University will be an enlightening one and prepare you for the challenges of tomorrow. Whichever career path you pursue, the University will always back you up.

Best of luck, and never stop learning.

Warm Regards,

Engr. Arshad Faruqui