Department of Computer Science

The Department of Computer Science was setup with a vision to en-kindle some of the brightest technical minds of the country and equip them with all skills necessary to manage the clothing industry. The Department envisions producing successful graduates who will be capable of leading the fast faced paced changing scenarios of today’s apparel industry through intellect, innovation and values. Research and educational activities are conducted by proficient, devoted and well-qualified faculty and staff members having ample experience in various fields of Computer Science. An active Interaction with industry is the main feature of our Teaching Philosophy, Industrial Visits, internships, symposiums and participation in workshops and industrial exhibitions are frequently carried out for students learning.Department of Computer Science is also dynamically involved in providing consultancy services to the textile industry and other public sector organizations. Various national level projects were carried out with success by the department during recent years.

Research Projects

  • Paper Published by MSCS (1st) Semester Students in "International Journal of computer science issues in May 2013
  • Paper Published in Journal: Pattern Recognition by Department of Computer Science August 2, 2012

The article, "Pattern Classification of Dermoscopy Images: A Perceptually Uniform Model" has been published in Pattern Recognition, a top-ranked pattern recognition journal by Dr. Qaisar Abbas, Assistant Professor/Chairman at department of computer science of National Textile University, Faisalabad and four other collaborators.

In this research work, they examine and contribute the following points:

  • Multicomponent problem is considered as a vital problem, which is not explored in the past studies. To solve this problem, an effective pattern classification solution is presented by developing a new AdaBoost.MC multi-label machine learning algorithm.
  • An entirely automated system is developed, which has more sophisticated pattern classifier for dermoscopy images that focused more on color and textural properties of the lesion regions in a uniform color space derived from a color appearance model and making use of an advanced color distance measure.
  • It is also obvious in this pattern classification model to select optimal color and texture features (in a multiresolution analysis) to make the final classification decisions, which is entirely modeled the clinical CASH procedure.

Pattern Recognition is the official journal of the Pattern Recognition Society, this journal gives scientist an opportunity to share and expedite each other's work. This Society shares common research affiliated with pattern recognition, such as computer science, information theory, optical processing techniques, and other miscellaneous fields.

HEC Research Project

Title of Project: Implementing Negative Authorization of an Affective RBAC 
Principal Investigator: Dr. Muhammad Asif Habib 
Research Associate: Muhammad Umar Aftab 
Duration: 08 Months 
under the grant of HEC Project

HEC Research Project #: PM-IPFP/HRD/HEC/2011/3402

Project Grant: Rs. 0.487 Millions, Duration: 8 Months

Dr. Qaisar Abbas, Assistant Professor/Chairman department of computer sciences wins an HEC Research Grant for the research project viz: “A Perceptually-Oriented Approach for Melanoma Area Extraction from dermoscopy Images ” of Rs. 0.487 Millions under National Research Programme for Universities. The duration of the project is 08 months.

Research Project Team:

Dr. Qaisar Abbas (Principal Investigator)
Mr. Waqar Ahmad (Co-Principal Investigator)
Dr. M. Emre Celebi (Co-Principal Investigator)
Mr. Qaisar Mushtaq (Research Associate)

Project Title:A Perceptually-Oriented Approach for Melanoma Area Extraction from dermoscopy Images

Project Summary:The target of this project is to develop new technique(s) to overcome the difficulties faced in the melanoma area detection from dermoscopy images like; low contrast, hair removal and segmentation. The main focus of this project is contrast enhancement and hair removal in dermoscopy images to extract the melanoma area precisely with minimum error probability. In the first phase a perceptually oriented approach is developed to enhance the contrast of the dermoscopy images that improve the segmentation results with reduced error probability. Software and dermoscopy images data sample both are available online for free download. Please follow the URL as below.

ICT Research ProjectTwo projects of BSCS final year students are approved for funding from Govt. of Pakistan Ministry of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) Islamabad.

Sr. #Project TitleStudentsSupervisorSponsor
1 Patient Doctor Collaboration System Safina Kanwal
Muhammad Noman
Muhammad Luqman
Dr. Muhammad Asif ICT Islamabad
2 Human Resource Management System Hasnam Bashir
Aamna Saeed
Anosh Abbas
Dr. Muhammad Asif ICT Islamabad

Project Title:A Cloud Base Online Disease Reporting and Surveillance System

Research Project Team:

Dr. Muhammad Asif Assistant Professor / Chairman (Principal Investigator)
Dr. Muhammad Asif Habib Assistant Professor (Co-Principal Investigator)

Expected to start in July 2013.

Student Project:

Project Title

Brief Description

Group Members

Supervisor Name

ICT Funded Projects

Patient / Doctor Collaboration System (PDCS)

PDCS will be designed to facilitate both the patient and doctor as it will be an online application.  Patient can converse with doctor from anywhere and anytime and so is doctor.

Safina Kanwal

Dr. Muhammad Asif

Muhammad Luqman

Muhammad Noman

Human  Resources Management System

We are going to make a HRM system with some different modules for university; hopefully it will solve some difficult problems for University.         

Aamna Saeed

Dr. Muhammad Asif

Hasnam Bashir

Anosh Abbas

Intelligence Oxygen Monitor (Life Saver System)

Analyze the Problem.  Monitor the oxygen level in any place.  Detect the oxygen lever, if level is below limit of the oxygen that is required.  Then alternate solution by bell or generate phone call.  It also includes the temperature and humidity sensor.

Ghulam Mohuddin

Ch.M. Nadeem Faisal

M. Hassan Raza

M. Qasim Maqbool

Online Voting System


Afraz Ali Shan

Dr. Muhammad Asif

Hamza Zaid

Muhammad Saqib

Salman Javed

Industrial Projects

Nestle Pakistan Distribution Management System

To make the system more efficient and user oriented.  Manage data according to the needs.  System will indicate that which products are going to be expiring in next week.  Automatic reminder for the important orders.  Graphical view for better understanding.

Ans Abdullah

Mr. Muhammad Shahid

Asghar Ali

Hassan Javaid

E-Commerce Web-based Application for Electronic Shopping

Online application for electronic equipment sale. 

Muhammad Azeem

Mr. Muhammad Shahid

Ali Fwad

Tariq Rasheed

Workshop Management System (WMS)

Online system of workshop in which the sales purchase and account system would be handled.  The payroll system is the key feature of our (pro) System

Akhtar Abbas

Mr. Muhammad Shahid

Muhammad Javaid

Ahsan Nawas

Miscellaneous Projects

Learning Management System (For Computer Science Students NTU)

Giving the facility to communicate effectively and efficiently b/w students and teachers.

M. Awais

Mr. Muhammad Shahid

M. Naeem

Shahab Iftikhar

Computerized Diabetic Patient Assist System

Application the diabetic of patient will be checked out, after checking the patient situation or condition. 

Tausif Mumtaz

Dr. Muhammad Asif

Muhmmad Usman

Zahid Rasool

Poultry Farm Management System

Inventory System
Temperature System, the system will be a desktop application

Farhan Faqeer

Ch. Muhammad Nadeem Faisal

M. Majid


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List of Bachelor, MS and PhD research thesis / projects listed year wise.

Project Title: Entrance Identification System (EIS)

Project Description:
  1. EIS is the way for identification and verification.
  2. See your incomers, it does not matter wherever you are, whenever you need and whatever you want.
  3. It’s easy to see which one of your members met with whom and when it happened.
  4. Blacklisted persons and unauthorized attempts cannot cheat our EIS.

Programming Language Html, CSS, JavaScript and PHP
Database MySQL


Web Application
Group Members
  1. Muhammad Khizar Naeem (12-NTU-1073)
  2. Muzammal Rasool (12-NTU-1079)
Supervisor Mr. Khalil Ur Rehman

Project Title: GPS Free Indoor Location Estimation Using Smart Phones

Project Description:

GPS doesn’t work well inside a building due to its limitations. Our mobile application provides a Wi-Fi based indoor navigation system. Using this app any person can locate its position in a building and search for a specific point or path in that building. In case of shopping malls, user can find ads, generated by different shops. Further more, the site admin can send push notifications to user’s device in order to notify them with some update i.e. emergency alerts. This application is very useful for large environments i.e.

• Shopping Malls

• Enterprises

• Railway Stations

• Airports

• Exhibitions

Programming Language Java, PHP (for server side)
Database MySQL and SQLite


Android Studio, Volley and Firebase


Group Members

  1. Umar Farooq (12-NTU-1086)
  2. Ainul Noor Fatima (12-NTU-1050)

Dr. Uzair Ahmed

Mr. Muhammad Shahid

Project Title: Health Care Facility Manager

Project Description:

HFM will be used in any Hospital and Clinic to get the information from the patients and then storing that data for future usage. HFM deals with Patient Appointment, Patient Registration (Outdoor/Indoor), Bill Calculation, Time Management, Doctor Registration, Clinical Analysis (Graphs/Charts), and Patient History Reports. Its main features are user friendly, analysis and flexibility.

Implemented Modules are:


  1. Receptionist
  2. Admin
  3. Doctor


Programming Language C#
Database SQL 






Group Members


  1. Nabeela Ashraf (12-NTU-1080)
  2. Awais Iqbal (12-NTU-1053)
  3. Nisar Ahmad (12-NTU-1081)



Mr. Muhammad Shahid

Project Title: Location Based Coordination System (LBCS)

Project Description: LBCS is an android app for outdoor location tracking along with a website. Server is used for saving records. Main features are:
  • Single person tracking
  • Multi person tracking
  • Complete path for selected time interval
  • Online/offline tracking
  • User profile
  • Communication
  • History


Our app is available in three different versions, namely:


  • Friends
  • Family
  • Business


Link for downloading app from play store:

Link for website:

Programming Language Android, Java, SQL, PHP 
Database SQLite, MySQL 


Android Studio, Server, Domain for website
Group Members
  1. Maham Sarfraz (12-NTU-1062)
  2. Muhammad Abbas (12-NTU-1066)
Mr. Waqar Ahmad

Project Title: Leave maintenance Job Requisition system

Project Description: Automation of employee leave and maintenance job requisition process. In this project we handle separate profiles of each employee. Employee can send request from their profile, request then endorsed to higher authority with an SMS based mobile alerts. HOD, Dean, rector and maintenance supervisor will accept or reject the requests, can check records and generate reports and Today’s on Leave employee will also be seen by them.

Programming Language PHP
Database MySQL


Net Beans IDE
Group Members
  1. Mehak Fatima(12-NTU-1063)
  2. Musfira Siddique(12-NTU-1078)
Mr. Waqar Ahmad

Project Title: Smart Scany

Project Description:

The application Smart Scany is an Android app that handle inventory and scan through mobile camera including:


  1. Generating barcode
  2. Generating bill and
  3. Printing the bill through Bluetooth android printer


Programming Language JAVA
Database SQLite


Android Studio
Group Members
  1. Rashid Jameel (12-NTU-1082)
  2. Haider Zulfiqar (12-NTU-1057)
Mr. Waqar Ahmad

Project Title: WeavePro (Weaving Process Cost Calculator)

Project Description:

With the collaboration of CS and Weaving departments of NTU, this application has been developed for cost calculation of weaving process.

It is easy to use, efficient and accurate. These are professional calculations which are used in all weaving industries of Pakistan. This application will also help in education purpose.

Programming Language, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Java and C#
Database SQL


Microsoft Visual Studio
Group Members
  1. Ayesha Muarraf (12-NTU-1054)
  2. Zara Ghafoor (12-NTU-1088)
Mr. Waqar Ahmad

Project Title: Offers Expert

Project Description: Offers Expert is a Facebook application. Its Purpose is to advertise daily basis products at one platform. It provides information and comparison on offers of specific products on time. It gives easy search about offers using location.
App Link:

Programming Language Php, Html , Javascript , CSS ,Facebook graph API , Facebook Graph API explore. JSON for getting Facebook Data
Database Hosting Server for application and Data.


Facebook SDK
Group Members
  1. Mohsin Shoukat (12-NTU-1065)
  2. Iftikhar Mehmood Qazi (12-NTU-1060) 
Dr. Muhammad Asif

Project Title: Retail Solution and Shopping Zone

Project Description:

This project mainly targets small to medium level organizations for providing advanced services of retailing in cost effective manners with online advertisement facility.

Key Points:

  • Inventory Maintenance
  • Reports and Ledgers
  • Accounts with Accuracy
  • Customer Profile Maintenance
  • Online Advertisement
  • User Dashboard 

Programming Language C# ,, HTML, CSS, Javascript
Database SQL


Microsoft Visual Studio  .Net
Group Members
  1. Umar Farooq (12-NTU-1087)
  2. Shahzad Nazir (12-NTU-1084)
  3. Waqar Jamil (12-NTU-1260)
  4. M Mubeen Iqbal (12-NTU-1074)
Dr. M Asif
Mr. Kashif Hussain

Project Title: Wi-Fi Messenger

Project Description: Wi-Fi Messenger is an android based communication application. It’s an Alternative of WhatsApp, Messenger and their relevant applications but main feature which Wi-Fi Messenger provides, it doesn’t require internet. Wi-Fi Messenger works on Wi-Fi signals and made communication possible. Now people can Chat, send Multimedia (Photos, Videos, Recordings, Files) and audio calling without any cost. People just require a simple Wi-Fi Router or Mobile Hotspot and Wi-Fi Messenger on their Android devices. It’s simple, safe and easy to use. 

Programming Language Java
Database Sqlite



Group Members
  1. Hashim Ali (12-NTU-1059)
  2. Muhammad Ahsan-ul-haq (12-NTU-1067)
Muhammad Shahid 
Contact Name: Mr. Waqar Ahmad
Position: Assistant Professor / Chairman
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